Our Story

Reson8 Imagery is a Canadian-based company with a passion for design and technology. Leveraging the capabilities of 3D modelling and thermoset prepolymers, we are able to provide clients with quality products that are unique and customizable.

Our Production

Captivating imagery is only part of the process of creating our table and wall art. We have developed expoxy coating techniques that deliver a UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant surface that is crystal clear. In addition to our standard legs, customers can specify custom 3D-printed legs in a wide range of styles. Our new fusion technology enables us to create legs with strength and rigidity properties not normally associated with 3D printing.

Our Promise to You

We are part of a vibrant community of designers, artists and photographers who strive daily to inspire our audiences and clients. Working with our artist partners, we will continue to evolve our leading-edge technology and design capabilities to create functional and stylish creations for our customers' work and home environments.